2023 Toyota Grand Highlander makes Kia Telluride nervous

The 2023 Toyota Grand Highlander is a full-size SUV that seats up to eight passengers. It has standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive, Kia Telluride. The Grand Highlander comes standard with a V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. It has three rows of seats and gets an EPA-estimated 19 mpg in the city and 26 MPG on the highway.

2023 Toyota Grand Highlander makes Kia Telluride nervous

Who is the new Toyota SUV? This is an extended version of the Toyota Highlander. That’s right. The Toyota Grand Highlander takes everything you love about the current Highlander and makes it longer. That means the Kia Telluride could finally have a worthy competitor.

2023 Toyota Grand Highlander Kia Telluride coming soon

toyota highlander 2023
toyota highlander 2023

The Kia Telluride has been unbeaten since its introduction for the 2020 model year, but the Toyota Grand Highlander could replace it. The Telluride has won awards for Best Family Choice, Best Three-Row SUV and more over the years.

Competitors like the Toyota Highlander Ford Explorer and Hyundai Palisades can’t seem to gain an edge over the Telluride. As such, Toyota is planning a major attack on the Grand Highlander, which is expected to be a new three-row SUV.

One of the biggest complaints about the regular Highlander is its lack of passenger space. The third row is only suitable for children. But the Telluride can keep adults in the back. Adding cargo and passenger space to the Highlander could be a game-changer.

What to expect from the Grand Highlander?

The 2023 Toyota Grand Highlander could be a smaller replacement for the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. It’s likely to be a midsize SUV rather than a large full-size option. This will give people more cargo and passenger space without having to drive a bus in tight urban areas.

Having a smaller option than Sequoia will provide a more affordable home option. The current Sequoia starts around $50,000. The Grand Highlander will probably cost around $37,000 to cover the upgrade cost of the regular Highlander.

Toyota highlander 2023

2022 toyota highlander hybrid xle

The 2022 Highlander starts at around $35,405 while the 2022 Kia Telluride has an MSRP of $33,090. So the Grand Highlander will need to contain enough value to be worth the money.

When properly equipped, the Kia Telluride and Toyota Highlander can tow up to 5,000 pounds. So we’d like to see the Toyota Grand Highlander gain a little muscle to deliver better performance.

Driving, the Grand Highlander is expected to be equipped with a hybrid powertrain. Toyota filed with the USPTO for the TX550h+. The plus sign may indicate PHEV power.TTAMI currently produces the Highlander Hybrid and Sienna.

When will we learn more about the Grand Highlander?

We don’t think the 2023 Toyota Grand Highlander will debut before the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. It won’t steal the Sequoia limelight for at least a few months. But hopefully there will be more information soon.

Toyota will release an all-new three-row SUV. If it’s not the Big Highlander, then it’s probably the Crown. Toyota said the new SUV will include cutting-edge technology such as a semi-autonomous driving system.

It may also have a remote parking system that allows owners to park and unpack using a smartphone app or digital key. So it’s probably more advanced than telluride.

We’ll be watching this story closely and can’t wait to learn more. Check back for the latest Toyota Highlander updates.

2022 toyota highlander hybrid

The Toyota Grand Highlander is a large SUV that seats up to eight passengers. It has a standard V6 engine with 295 horsepower. All-wheel drive is optional. The Grand Highlander has standard features that include: adaptive cruise control automated high beams lane keep assist and a driver drowsiness monitor.

It also has an optional 360-degree camera system. For 2023 the Grand Highlander gets an updated infotainment system with a larger 10.1-inch touchscreen. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now standard.

Toyota Grand Highlander: Everything You Need to Know

The 2023 Toyota Grand Highlander is a large SUV that seats up to seven or eight passengers. It has standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive. Standard features include adaptive cruise control automated emergency breaking lane departure warning and a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The base engine is a 295-horsepower V6, and there is an available hybrid powertrain with a combined output of 243 horsepower. Fuel economy for the Grand Highlander is an EPA-estimated 21 MPG city/29 MPG highway with the V6 engine and front-wheel drive.

All-wheel drive lowers those numbers to 20 MPG city/27 MPG highway. Towing capacity is 5,000 pounds. Prices start at $48,690.

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