2022 Honda Insight Review, Price, Specs And Pictures

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2022 Honda Insight

is a hybrid gas-electric compact sedan that seats five. It has standard driver assists such as adaptive cruise control and automated emergency breaking. 

The Insight 2022

has two powertrain choices: a gas-electric hybrid or an all-electric model. The hybrid has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 55 MPG in the city and 49 MPG on the highway

2022 Honda Insight review

More orthodox styling plenty of passenger and cargo space and a host of driver-assist features

Honda Insight Review

Honda Insight colors

Hybrids used to be all about declaring their ecological status with aggressive styling and bright colors. But these days, most of them start their fuel-saving business.

2022 Honda Insight Interior

The larger interior than the exterior suggests that this cabin represents Honda’s mastery of space utilization

Honda Insight Interior

Front passengers have plenty of headroom and elbow room.

Honda Insight Interior

2022 Honda Insight Comfort

Honda has got most of the basics down. The seats are comfortable with medium-firm foam and enough contour to provide support during long drives

Honda Insight Hybrid Performance

The gasoline engine at the heart of the Insight certainly won’t impress with just 107 hp and 99 lb-ft

Honda Insight Value

The Insight is a sensible and well-built sedan at a premium above its price point. The screwed-together cabin has a pleasing design

Honda Insight Price

The 2022 Honda Insight is a compact hybrid sedan

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