2022 Toyota Avalon Full Reviews

The Avalon features a spacious premium cabin a comfortable ride and a powerful and fuel-efficient V6 powertrain.

Toyota Avalon review

The Avalon has 16.1 cubic feet of boot space. That’s about average for a large car class, and it can fit a few carry-on a lot of groceries or two sets of golf clubs with no problem.

Toyota Avalon Space

Toyota Avalon 2022 Interior

Toyota Avalon Interior

The dashboard looks particularly upscale with angular elements and Door panels and a stylish infotainment display that rises gracefully from the centre console. The cabin also does a good job

Intuitive infotainment system. The 9-inch touchscreen is bright and responsive, with neatly arranged menus and physical controls for the main audio and climate settings.

Toyota Avalon 2022 Technology

Toyota Avalon 2022 Price

Toyota Avalon 2022 Price

Pricing for the 2022 Toyota Avalon starts at $36,375 which is above the large-car class average. Avalon’s upper trim prices rose to around $43,000.

Toyota Avalon 2022 Hybrid

Toyota Avalon 2022 Hybrid

The Avalon is now more nimble, more comfortable to ride, more stylish and more fuel efficient. We tested the hybrid version, and it managed an impressive 42 MPG combined

Toyota Avalon Test

Standard infotainment features: 9-inch touchscreen Apple CarPlay Android Auto Amazon Alexa satellite radio Eight-speaker stereo Bluetooth and five USB ports

Toyota Avalon Comfort

Toyota Avalon 2022 Specs