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Another impressive mid-size sedan is the Hyundai Sonata. It’s the K5’s mechanical twin, powertrains, offering similar features and powertrains as well as a hybrid variant. 

2023 KIA K5 Performance

2023 KIA K5: Performance

2023 KIA K5 Interior

K5 has been carefully designed for ease of use. Despite the many electronic features, all controls are labeled and well laid out, eliminating the need to consult the owner’s manual

2023 KIA K5 Comfort

This is a huge step forward from Optima. The only minor annoyance is the slight rattle of the panoramic sunroof shutters.Otherwise, the K5 is as quiet as some sedans on the highway 

2023 KIA K5 Specs

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We were also impressed by the climate control system, which has a unique three-mode automatic setting that limits fan speed. Seat ventilation is available on higher trims.


Wheelbase: 112.2 inchesLength: 193.1 inchesWidth: 73.2inches Height : 56.9 inchesPassenger volume: 102 ft3Luggage volume: 16 ft3 Curbweight: 3581 lb

2023 KIA K5 Motor Performance

KIA K5 : Performance

2023 KIA K5 : Technology

The K5 might not seem like a tech powerhouse, but it is. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity is standard, which is rare at any level these days.

2023 KIA K5 Value

Starting at under $25,000 the Kia K5 has a slight advantage over most sedans in dollar per feature. The price-to-feature ratio increases with each successive trim level.

2023 KIA K5 Price

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